Silky vanilla crème… with garden fruits

I must say that I had been looking for a genuine vanilla crème for as long as I remember. THE crème – which wouldn’t be a sauce, custard or pudding. That’s why I used french word for describing what I mean. I wanted to make something which I could simply serve as a dessert with fruits but also put as a tart filling. And what was the most important for me – just could NOT set after putting in the fridge. I was dying to find a proper recipe. And finally… I did! Wonderfully creamy, silky even. Simple, quite fast – you just need a pot, a bowl and an eggbeater. And the result is spectacural. You will win the hearts of your Family or Guests after serving ths treat with sour fruits like raspberries or blackberries. Heaven. Portion for 3/ or 25cm-wide tart (or depends on how much you prefer to serve)

•400 ml of double cream (30% or 36%)
•150 ml of milk
•7 egg yolks
•4-5 flat tablespoons of sugar (I used vanilla scented; you can add more sugar if you prefer sweeter)
•1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
•40 gramms of plain flour

Put cream and milk into the pot and heat mixture up. Do not boil! It’s very important. It should be very hot – you will see a thin layer on the top of it. It means you must turn the gas off. Put egg yolks, sugar, vanilla extract and flour into the large bowl. Whisk everything together. From now on you must be careful – you will need both of your hands. One for whisking, second for pouring hot milky liquid. Very slowly pour milk into the bowl with yolks mixture and mix everything up all the time. Do it until everything is combined. It will be VERY runny, almost like a regular milk. Put liquid into the pot again and start to heat it up gently, still mixing. It’ll take about 15 mins to get creamy. All you need is to mix, mix, mix… Serve with your favourite fruits. You can also put a piece of chocolate bar inside the hot crème- it’ll melt beautifully. Enjoy!
Krem 1


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