About me

I’m totally fond of cooking. It is as simple as that. I’m still a student and I’ve been living in dorm for a while. But If there is something in your life which make you smile –  go for it and do it, not mattter where you are at the moment. I prepare affordable dishes (not so surprising when being a student… ; – ) and I want to show you that not a fortune have to be spend to eat delicious, creative meals made from what most of us have in the cupboard. If not satisfation from spending my free time in the academic kitchen I wouldn’t even think about running my own blog. Creative in many ways since a child I decided not to waste any more time and start doing what I find a pure pleasure. Running a culinary blog is something what I’ve wanted to do for months regardless if that’s a latest fashion or not. I truly believe everyone is able to combine tastes, flavours, smells and textures in a beautiful way…. Just try to let yourself go and enjoy as much as I do.

While you cooking – you basically create. There is such a potential here, endless possibilities. Imagination is the only bound. So…no limits! Simply start cooking! You are very welcome where tastes & flavours create a great day.

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10 thoughts on “About me

    • I am speachless.. I didn’t expect this! This is so important to me, you wouldn’t belive how much I appreciate your nomination! You made my day, thank you so much for your appreciation, warm words and of course I am honoured to say: YES! 🙂 This is absolutely incredible inspiration to do more, better and all for You.

    • Wow! Yhank you so much! I really appreciate your nomination 🙂 Sorry I haven’t writen for a few days, I have to get through nomination’s rules and of course – I accept! I am flattered. Have a lovely evening!

      • Hi Izabela, no worries at all! Of course, I love your blog and I feel you have been around since I started among the first visitors of my blog and motivated me to go on 😉 So I wanted to let you know that! 😉 No rush at all, luckily, this one is quite an easy one, no need to do anything else than pass it on! 😉
        hugs & thanks for stopping by today, Sylvia

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