Swordfish with rosemary and garlic

As simple way in preparing fish as possible. I did my supper within minutes and served swordfish with basmanti rice and vegetables. Swordfish is rather expensive but I think it’s worth to buy from time to time. First of all it’s not runny, soggy, you can marinate steaks properly and all the flavours won’t come out when frying. It’s also not that intensive with its smell as the other type of fishes. I’m always convincing myself that I don’t smoke, don’t drink, so sometimes I can afford such a luxurious meal. There’s no need to write more than that: it was very tasty.

1 swordfsh steak
Fresh rosemary, about a teaspoon for each steak
2 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon of olive oil
Sea salt, pepper to taste

+ basmanti rice cooked with lemon zest and vegetables with butter and a sprinkle of original unroasted curry. That’s all.

Best steaks need at least an hours of marinating , but today I did one superfast. Chop garlic and rosemary very finely, combine with olive oil. Season swordfish with sea salt and freshly ground pepper and rub olive mixture in the steak. Fry for a few minutes each side. Serve with rice – remember about 1:2 proportion, put zest from a half of lemon in the pan, pinch of salt and use boiling water from the kettle. Cook on the low heat. Turn the gas off after 13 mins and leave. Rice will absord rest of the water. Serve with fav veggies, just try not to overcook any. Drain off the water. Put butter at the very end. I hope you like it. Enjoy!
miecznik 1 miecznik 2