Salad with hazelnuts, pruns & balsamico

Simple and fast as my today’s post. For a nice starter or sophisticated supper with a glass of wine (no doubts you will be hungry after 😉 ). Simply chop hazelnuts, roast sunflower seeds and toss everything nicely. That’s pretty much all. Next time I will served it with sliced mozzarella cheese or at least generously sprinkle with parmesan. Those are my flavours for sure.

Mix of salads
Nice handful of hazelnuts
Nice handful of pruns
2-3 Tbs of sunflower seeds
1 cucumber, not neccesarily peeled ( fresh cucumber is a Must! it gives great freshness and crispiness)
Balsamico vinegar, ordinary or thicker extract (it’ll cover leaves nicely)

Roast sunflower seeds, until golden, but only a little bit. Do not overroast. Chop hazelnuts and pruns. Toss everything nicely. I should sprinkle it with parmesan cheese – do it to get a wonderful flavour. I will do so defenitely next time. Enjoy!
sałatka 2 sałatka 1


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