Millet groats for breakfast

One of my latest hits – millet groats cooked with milk, served with favourite dried fruits, seeds,, hazelnuts, banana, cinnamon… I think I would never get enough. For a breakfast, for a treat. Very nice, unusual though. I recommend also because of health reasons. Millet groats is one of the most nutricious grains.

4 tablespoon of uncooked millet groats
Dried fruits, fav ones (prunes, apricots, etc.)
Favourite seed and nuts (hazelnuts! I like linseeds as well)
Milk, for cooking – exactly double amount as millet
A pinch of sea salt
* Sometimes I serve it with vanilla yougurt or plain one

Cook millet groats with milk. Add a pinch of sea salt. You can also cook it with water, but it won’t be as tasty and delicate as with the milk. It shouldn’t be overcooked, so be careful. Chop dried fruits, add seed or nuts. Combine everything, sprinkle with cinnamon. Enjoy!
jaglana 1.2


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